First Week of School

It’s my first week of school!  I’m taking five classes, in addition to an independent class I decided to sign up for this week.  So 18 Credits.

Digital Photography 2: I have the same teacher as last semester, from Film Photography 2.  He’s a good teacher and pushes us to do excellent work.  The only thing is that I feel like photography (and art in general) is all about how to make your work weirder than the last person’s work.  And this annoys me.  So I hope I make it through this semester while keeping my integrity of beautiful artwork.

Macroeconomics: This class hasn’t started yet… it will start in two weeks.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.  No need to start it — ever!

Organizational Behavior: I think this will end up being a good class.  The teacher is funny and mom-ish, which I like.  She talks to herself, which I do as well.  But I don’t think the coursework will be bad at all.

Intro to Computer Graphics: This teachers literally said, “I’m not your mom.  I don’t want to hear if you’re coming to class, I don’t want to hear if you aren’t coming to class.  I don’t care.  Just do the work and show enthusiasm.”  OK!  I will 🙂  But he seriously seems decent and I think I’ll enjoy the class.

Apologetics: WOW!  In just one week, I’ve already learned so much!  This class is phenomenal and I’m really looking forward to this semester because of this class.

Independent Study: WordPress Websites.

So, that’s my life for the next several months.  I resolve to actually do my readings, be proactive with my homework, and spend my time wisely.  I will hang out with friends, but quietly excuse myself to study.

TTYL Soon.



What I’ve Been Reading

Hey Y’all!  I send so many links of articles to my friends and I thought you all might want to read them too!

Here goes nothing… 😉


Written Word:



  • I am not a science-y person in the least.  I barely made it through high school Biology and Physics.  And my college Chemistry class was a disaster.  But this video about how science actually PROVES an existence of God is remarkable.
  • If you’ve got some time to kill and want to watch Mark Hart, this is a great video about Thirsting for Truth.  It’s from Steubenville East 2016.
  • Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  That’s all I can say about this video from Christopher West (aka Theology of the Body Simplify-er).  Christopher explains about how the Theology of the Body illuminates the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  And it is amazing.  Seriously.  Go watch it.
  • One of my favorite songs: “If You Get There Before I Do” by Collin Raye
  • This is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time… Break dancers performing for Pope (now Saint) John Paul II!





When the semester is over

Oh my! This semester has literally flown by. I think I’m going to be getting A’s in all my classes. If so, that will be 61 credits with a 4.00 GPA. 🙂

I was re-elected as the Newman Club president, so that’s awesome. I just want to encourage whomever you are that you can do it. You can get through whatever your struggle is. I’m praying for you!

– Veronica

Feeling Alone

I feel so alone right now.  I feel unloved and uncared about.  I feel like I’m only good for as much positivity I can bring into someone else’s life.

I crave a sense of belonging and purpose.  I crave the dicipline to sit down and actually do my homework.  I crave the peace of knowing I am loved by the Father. I crave healing from my parents divorce.  

God, set me free!

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

– Isaiah 41:10

Yes, God, you are my God.  What comfort that gives me.  You are mine and mine forever.  You have strengthened me and you have led me along your paths.  I trust you, Lord, I trust you. 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

-Matthew 11:28

I am weary and I am burdened.  I am so tired and so weak.  But today my prayer is that God the Father strengthens me. 

When Your Dad Leaves

I love you Dad.  I love you so much and I care about you.

But your actions… why?  You aren’t the person I grew up knowing.  You aren’t the person who spent Daddy-Veronica time with me.  You aren’t the person who taught me English and Math and how to find a great husband.  You aren’t the person who taught me the Hail Mary.

How dare you ever say I hate you.  I love you.  You are my DAD.  How could I hate you?  You gave me life – along with your former wife, my mom.

How dare you date a little 22 year old.  Everything she represents I hate.  Everything that you warped-ly find comfort in with her I hate.  Your stupid little corvette, I hate.  Your new $400,000 house I hate.  Your distance I hate.  But you, God forbid!  Never.  I love you more than anything.

And it hurt me more than anything when you said I hated you because I wouldn’t reply to your texts or want to see your apartment or spend time with your 22 year old girl friend.  How dare you say I hate you.

“…It’s alright, just wait and see,
Your string of lights is still bright to me, oh,
Who you are is not who you’ve been.
You’re still an innocent.
You’re okay, life is a tough crowd.
Thirty-two and still growing up now.
Who you are is not what you did.
You’re still an innocent.”

“Time turns flames to embers.
You’ll have new Septembers.
Everyone of us has messed up too.
Minds change like the weather,
I hope you remember –
Today is never too late to be brand new.


“Lost your balance on a tightrope.
It’s never too late to get it back.
Innocent by Taylor Swift (from the album Speak Now)