It’s my first week of school!  I’m taking five classes, in addition to an independent class I decided to sign up for this week.  So 18 Credits.

Digital Photography 2: I have the same teacher as last semester, from Film Photography 2.  He’s a good teacher and pushes us to do excellent work.  The only thing is that I feel like photography (and art in general) is all about how to make your work weirder than the last person’s work.  And this annoys me.  So I hope I make it through this semester while keeping my integrity of beautiful artwork.

Macroeconomics: This class hasn’t started yet… it will start in two weeks.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.  No need to start it — ever!

Organizational Behavior: I think this will end up being a good class.  The teacher is funny and mom-ish, which I like.  She talks to herself, which I do as well.  But I don’t think the coursework will be bad at all.

Intro to Computer Graphics: This teachers literally said, “I’m not your mom.  I don’t want to hear if you’re coming to class, I don’t want to hear if you aren’t coming to class.  I don’t care.  Just do the work and show enthusiasm.”  OK!  I will 🙂  But he seriously seems decent and I think I’ll enjoy the class.

Apologetics: WOW!  In just one week, I’ve already learned so much!  This class is phenomenal and I’m really looking forward to this semester because of this class.

Independent Study: WordPress Websites.

So, that’s my life for the next several months.  I resolve to actually do my readings, be proactive with my homework, and spend my time wisely.  I will hang out with friends, but quietly excuse myself to study.

TTYL Soon.



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